We help Democrats run better campaigns.

We tell you who's likely to vote, who they're likely to support, and what you can do to win your race.

Then, we help you take action on that knowledge by building campaign plans, identifying the best voters to target, and allocating your resources more efficiently.

What does Deck do?

When you subscribe to Deck, you get access to our web app and APIs, which make it easy to do more with predictive analytics.

Predictive models

With our massive database of historic election results, voter traits, and candidate traits, we provide a daily-updated snapshot of each voter's probability of turning out to vote and voting for you.

Dynamic forecasts

We then use those scores to roll up a daily snapshot of what's most likely to happen in your election. We show you how our forecast has changed over time and how it's likely to change by Election Day.

Planning tools

We give you the tools you need to identify your campaign's most efficient pathway to victory and calculate weekly voter contact goals. Your plan and goals all live in one place -- so you won't need to manually update any complicated spreadsheets.

Target exports

Once you've made your plan, we'll tell you exactly which voters to reach with each tactic. You can then export lists of your targeted voters as CSV files or send them directly to outside services.

What makes Deck different?

Our approach to predictive analytics was designed to be accurate, actionable, and affordable for Democratic campaigns of all sizes.

No surveys

Most candidate support models are built with survey data. But for most state and local races, that approach is too expensive and inaccurate.

We have a new approach based on historic data that's both more accurate and more affordable for most campaigns.

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Every day, we gather the latest media coverage of your race, campaign finance reports, and voter registration data.

We then use all of that to refresh your forecast and support scores. So when a major event happens, you can see its estimated impact right away.

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Easy to use

We don't just give you a spreadsheet of scores. Instead, we give you the tools you'll need to make better decisions.

Our planning tools help you find your best pathway to victory. Our targeting tools then tell you exactly who you need to reach to make your plan a reality.

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How much does it cost?

We have different price points for different types of races. And if you're purchasing licenses in bulk, or if you're able to pay for a quarter or a year up front, we can offer significant discounts.
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Our team

Andrea MacVay
Client Lead

Andrea first entered public service while working on 44's reelection. She has experience in energy-efficiency and policymaking, as well as a deep love for Detroit sports.

Cia Salinas
Analytics Developer

Cia is originally from New Mexico and enjoys long walks, trying new foods, and spending time with her family and friends.

Marc Priester
Product Manager

Marc guides the #process of creating products to fill legislatures everywhere with progressives. He enjoys anime, Haruki Murakami’s zany novels, and (poorly) speaking French.

Max Wood

Max started Deck in 2015 after seeing the impact that scalable and accessible predictive analytics could have on state and local races. He likes donuts and comic books.

Nina Wornhoff
Data Analyst

Nina builds scores and creates new tools to help Democratic campaigns succeed. She enjoys meeting new dogs, playing piano, and re-watching the West Wing.